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(Modified) Victory

I have obtained a copy of The Princess Bride!!! Now if I can get this dang PC to cooperate I'll be able to see it again, for the first time in years. Or say screw it and switch the monitor to the Powerbook. But that would interfere with watching the football game later, so I don't think I will.

Was foiled in my attempt to obtain a copy of Teeth of the Tiger. UT Library has it listed as checked out, and I won't be so mean as to recall it. The Austin Public Library has it listed as available only in one library, but when I showed up to obtain it, I was informed that for no apparent reason it was located at another library across town. I didn't have time to deal with that.

Finally, my technical skills have long been overcome by my faulenzen skills. Cases in point: I decided to find out why my 120GB hard drive and the DVD drive weren't showing up in my PC (this has been going on for months, BTW). I open it up and discover that the IDE cable they're on is unplugged. While I'm down there, I notice that the reason the speakers weren't running was that they were plugged into line in instead of line out.
I swear I could have handled all this very easily, as I just did. The thing is my speakers have been off since I moved into the dorm, and my drives have been offline since June, because I was too lazy to find out what was up with them.

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