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Just got back from our HS Homecoming game. Lost 42-7 to Bastrop. Rather discouraging, although seeing Amanda and Kate, girls #1 and 2 on my song, was pretty nice. Also ran into Eileen, Estella, Chill, Clarissa, Laura, Mason, Bill and got a nice talk with Micah. Rather odd the gender breakdown of who came back for the game. Did stand-dances and cheers, and was amazed to find out they needed us alums to teach them how to to do Free Ride.

Ran into Joel earlier in the day, he seems to be doing well. Where did all these aerospace engineering majors come from, besides my High School being a Science magnet? Don't they realize a Government major like me has nearly a better chance of getting a job? :-)

Of course, in other news there are between 1500 and 2000 Government majors at UT, so things are crowded to the point that taking classes elsewhere is probably a good idea. Hmm. Canada, Washington DC, or Otago? Anywhere else want to be in the bidding for me?
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