Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Some people are on crack

I loved the whooooole Trilogy, and I have to say, I hadn't really known about Tolkien and his work until these movies came out, and I believe that it was The Return Of The King that REALLY got me into Tolkien, and into reading in general. Its amazing, how one man, one mind can produce such a wonderful, rich, detailed and marvelous world like he did. Its truly amazing. I will never be able to comprehend how he did it, much like peter jackson. I cant believe what masterpiece's some people can make in this world, its simply beautiful and brilliant. We have only God to thank for that, who gives these wonderful gifts and talents to us, and obviously he was with Tolkien while he wrote these books (he was a big Catholic or something i believe, lol), and with peter as well. GREAT JOB ALL OF YOU!!!!!I LOVE YOU ALL FOR MAKING THESE BOOKS AND FILMS!!!lol. Really though, I wish i could go to Middle Earth, of which I know many of you also would love to live there in Hobbiton, and The Shire. Ever since I saw the Shire in 'Fellowship', i just wanted to live there, with Sam, Merry, and Pippin (though i dont know if I would see Frodo there, because he would be in the Grey Havens most likely) and all those cute Hobbit girls, lol. It makes me sad at times, seeing our world and how screwed up it can be at times, but as long as we're in Middle Earth in our hearts, we will always be there. And hey!, i got my Extended Editions and Books, so i can go there whenever i want!!lol, but truly, i believe that our earth isnt so far from Middle Earth, and I think many people will agree with that (Hitler as Sauron, or even Bin Laden, and the Orcs are the Mindless, Moralless Terrorists whom if I were Aragorn would swipe them off this Planet!!) But for me, i will always live in Middle earth, and i believe that out of every Race in Middle Earth, I am a hobbit, a little bit of all four of the Hobbits we know (wink), and i cannot wait till the Extended Edition for The Return Of The King comes out, and from what i hear, a nice Collectors Edition with a Minas Tirith Collectible sounds great!! But now I wish i got the other Collectibles' Versions, like the Fellowship one with Falls Of Rarous stone kings collectibles, but not so much the Gollum one for The Two Towers, hes just way to creepy for my taste. I mean, hes an amazing creature on film, but in reality, man hes just CREEPY!!lol. But anyway, brilliant movie, amazing book, and I will always treasure them and keep them close to my heart. I recommend The Extended Edition for this Final Installment for the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, even when its not out yet! but see, its THAT good. The last two Extended Editions did not dissapoint me, and this one will be definetly be the Crown Jewel of my Collection. What I REALLY hope for is the scene where Sarumans Staff is broken. OOO I can see it now, just like in the book, when Gandlaf puts up his hand and using his mind strength in what will hopefully be a powerful moment, He says 'Saruman, your Staff is broken", and then a powerful 'CRACK!' and Saruman screaming and stuff. That would be soooooo cool!! Anyway, thats my review for this wonderful movie AND book, they are superb.

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