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My memory of this weekend is disturbingly hazy. However, I remember the important parts just fine, and that's what matters.

Friday after British Studies (which wasn't so good) jazz007 and I went to a lecture by Fred Hoyt on his "Linguistics of Tolkien's Middle Earth" class. Specifically, what he did, and lessons learned. It was interesting, and I'm glad I took it when I did. Apparently the semester before (1st) was a disaster, the one after was also ok, and when he had things to his liking (3rd long semester and summer) I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. However, castiron took it in the summer, so she can give a different perspective.

After that, we went back to her place and just crashed. Way too much sleep deficit built up over the week. Got up around midnight and she took me back to my place before work, and I crashed yet again.

Saturday I got up sometime in the am, made it out to the house and picked up the VW. Took it back to the apartment and watched UT defeat Colorado. It started out looking bad (2 quick INTs, one scored), but our defense and running game eventually proved unstoppable. jazz007 came and watched with me, although it's clear she's not a fan to the same degree I am. Then we went back to her place, and eventually dinner and a movie occurred.

We watched "The Three Musketeers", which she is very fond of. Really, I couldn't get into it. It's been a long time since I read the book, but I recalled the Cardinal being a much more neutral character, and the conflict between the Musketeers and his Guards was more about whose side you were on than any massive issue of Justice and Right.
Also, the accents were just amazingly offputting, and the story was sufficiently different from the book I did mind. A neat trim job of a very long plot, but it still bothered me. But the accents were most of it. Amazingly quotable, though.

After this, we went to our fencing friend Josh's party. It was a good thing, and I had a good time with lots of fencing friends. Poor jazz007 had to go back and work, but she was enough of a dear to come pick me up after her shift. Since I was uncomfortably trying to sleep on a chair by then, this was very welcome. It also reminded me why I don't party too much more often.

After being picked up, the only thing I was willing to do was go back to sleep, and jazz007 sure needed it too, so we returned to her place and crashed again. Exhaustion plays way too much of a part in our lives right now. After waking up, I had to return to my place so that I could meet up with my project group from my government class. I agree with our ringleader that the others are making this project far too complicated. Came home, and finally caught up on LJ, email, all that. <3 you all.

Once more into the week dear friends, and that sucks.

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