Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Could life come with a "slow advance" button?

So much going on these days, so much.

Fencing & the Longhorn Open COMPLETELY ate my weekend. I showed up at 7pm on Friday to help setup, and was there till something like 10:30. jazz007 went straight from work to her place, then swung by and picked me up around 8:10 and we got to RecSports about 8:30. (I was still getting ready when she arrived, having gotten little sleep reading all the rules the night before)

At the tournament we did various helping sort of things all day, and I left around 7pm, I think. jazz007 had gone earlier to get some sleep before her shift. I felt rather amused, to come home, loosen my tie, get a beer and dinner and watch football. Glad UT won. Was rather tired, though, so made it to bed eventually. Much later than I should, though.

Woke up later than I'd planned, and didn't make it out the door to the tournament until 10:30. Checked in, went over to the armory for inspection. Now, I own not a single piece of fencing gear, so every bit was checked out from the Club except the knickers, which were borrowed from my friend Doug. (Thus the comment in the last entry) So I was not surprised but concerned that my mask, cuff and one of my two bodycords failed. Jessica went to her dorm and got me the cuff she used the day before, there was a mask somewhere, I found a bodycord which lacked a restraining device (to hold it on to the weapon). I improvised that with a rubber band, which got it passed. Finally, Amanda came up with another lefty saber so that I'd have the regulation 2 present on strip. So I had 4 pieces of equipment that I needed, and they all turned up. Really good.

For the bouts themselves, well. In pools, where you fence 6 (in this case) other people round robin, to 5 points, I went 2-3. I beat the other two unrated fencers, and lost to the rated ones. In DEs, I was matched against a guy who had ranked below me in pools, but I fenced really crap. He just totally kicked me before the break, and I couldn't recover afterwards. So, that knocked me out. No real loss, as the winner of that DE went up against the #1 rated fencer there, Joseph Wysocki, an "A".

After being knocked out of the tourney, I changed, hung around and helped a little. By 6pm, seeing as things were almost over except Women's Epee, which was taking forever, jazz007 and I were getting irritable. We'd planned to go visit some friends of hers, have dinner and watch a movie perhaps. Well, no chance of that. Around 7pm, Doug took pity and Black Carded us, which meant we had to leave immediately . However, Bout Committee (ie, Paul) was gloated at about this by us and overruled his Floor Boss. Jamie managed to pick up 3 other black cards from different people, each of which was overruled. So we stayed till the very last bout at 9:30, took apart the aluminum strips Epee needed, and hauled them to the club room in Belmont. We got out of there around 10:15, and back to my place at 10:30. We tried to watch "Life of Brian", but that just didn't work. Far too tired.

Monday? Monday was just lots of running in place. Too much stuff piled up on top of each other.

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