Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Nursing Care and such

I suppose I ought to give a bit more detail. We're at Broomall Presbyterian Village, in Broomall, PA. (Just off Rt 3 and Rt 320, near Marple for those familiar with Philadelphia)

The care here really is excellent. The nurses and attendants are very helpful and kind, and very affectionate towards Grandma. Also, they're quite solicitous to us as well. We've taken over their office when we needed a phone, stay at all hours (round the clock these last days) and are constantly asking if they can be of any help. When our constant attendance (and rather sorry singing) became a bit too much for Grandma's roommate, we were quickly moved to a single room down the hall. The night before last, when we all stayed rather late, a cart with cookies, chips, tea and coffee was sent down by Dining Services. Yesterday, half a dozen lunch trays were given to us, and as it's a little crowded to all sit down to eat in this room, a table was set up for us in the sun room. Really, they've been the sweetest people.

I'm a little disappointed with the local chaplain, but the hospice care one was very comforting. The same comes from their old pastor, who is no longer with their church but who they've known for some 30 years. There's really just something about these people, who really seem to know how to comfort and console in times like these. So, my thanks to those like ursusmarkos who are already engaged or who are preparing themselves for this important task.

As I write (~11pm, 8/14/04) Grandma is still resting, although she seems less absolutely asleep than before. Her breathing has slowed even more, and she's gotten a moan or cough some times. It's really just a very slow feeling. I can't think of anything in the Vorkosiverse to link it to. In Curse of Chalion, there is the watch Sara sat over Roya Orico at his death. I can now really feel a substantial empathy for what she endured, and I haven't even reached a near part of her pain.

The other Bujold element I'd draw in is the community support. Rather, in Komarr Miles mentions the lack of it. Ekaterin has no Barrayaran friends to bring over cassaroles (I think that's more Lois' midwestern living than a traditional Barrayaran dish, myself, but comments welcome). My grandparents were gifted with a very strong local community they were very involved in, and nobody who knew them could help but appreciate their kindness. In this time we really have felt their love shown, as people are bringing by soup, fruit salad, a lemon cake, ham, and other foods I'm sure I've forgotten. Sometimes this affection reaches the silly, as in the next door Martha Stewart who undertook to give us the proper Halloween theme decorations for us. Even this is of course appreciated as well. We're so fortunate to have such people around us.

Now it's time to return home, so that the car is ready and the rotation can continue.

At home addendum: Thank you ase for your call. I'm sorry I couldn't take it, but your thought is valued.

And, Chip just called and said "It's time to come."

So I'm going back.

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