Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

No changes or anything

But I had to pass on a few things. First, there is the story about Dot's dialysis doctor. I don't recall meeting him, but my aunt says he was quite a dish, and so she teased her mom about "Wouldn't you like him for a son-in-law?". Grandma's reply: "No, for a husband!". :-) What's 50 years of age between two people?[1]

Also, Diana was flattered by a nurse who thought I was her brother. Maybe it's time to shave again. That's a 30 odd year boost it seemed to give me, though I'll admit my mother's side does age well.

Finally, tonight we all went over there and Linda and Diana started singing songs. Grandpa and I eventually joined in, and it was very sweet, until Grandma's roommate called out "Ahhh Goh, shaddup!" That quelled us.

I cannot resist posting this link, by the way.
Why Tolkien's Chicken crossed the road

[1] Of course, her marriage has lasted 57 years, so she can't have been too serious...
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