Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Good Stuff

Good stuff today, in list format:

Waking up went very well. :-)

Not too too tired in History of India.

George showed up in my interclass break, and I borrowed his articles to study for the afternoon's exam.

Fencing scored 2 good elbow hits in epee. Yeah, that'll discourage them from attacking. Held my own in the bouts overall as well, and would have done alot better if I'd been aiming at the whole body rather than just wrist and arm like we were told.

In Physics, I got a fair amount of the first Julian Kestrel book read.

Exam went ok, too many buzzwords and I ran out of time, but the instructor is that much of a softie I think I'm ok.

Had a wonderful walk home with jazz007. Then, an excellent game of scrabble she wrote up far better than I can now. So go read her entry on it.

Got a call much appreciated and needed from my dear friend commodorified.

And now to bed.

Edit: Oh yeah, coolest thing. jazz007 said she's gotten so much into Cordelia's Honor, she found it very hard to stop reading and come see me. Is that not amazing?
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