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Wine Party Weekend!!! Plus a whole lot more

For the record, dinner is shrimp flavored ramen, a lot of grapes, a cream cheese and jelly sandwich and a Shiner Hefeweizen.

Tricia's wine party was absolutely awesome. Tricia is my neighbor in this apartment complex, a fellow Plan II student, and my roommate Daniel's girlfirend. We had a decent Plan II party Friday night, and I realized how old I felt surrounded by these freshmen. Got home from that, and left at 9:30 the next morning with my neighbor Jesi, who is a very cool girl I went to High School with. We drove down to near Hempstead before realizing I forgot the directions. But cell phones saved the day, and so now as long as I save this physics homework I'll know how to get to the Woodlands.

After arriving at the party around 1pm, having stopped to clean off some of the lovebugs that plastered the bumper and windshield, we got a quick tour from Tricia's uncle George, met the extended family and eventually got down to work. There was a lot of steps to do, but also lots of people (10 college students, maybe 10 adult family members, and 20+ neighbors), so the advice was "Do a little, take a drink, do some more". There was a keg of Shiner Bock, some older wine, and lots of snacks. There were some awesome stuffed mushrooms I must learn how to make.

Having done this the year before, I worked the wine press, which squeezed the (mashed) grapes and got the juice into buckets. We were running all day, and I worked most of it. We broke a bit for the UT-Arkansas game, then hurried to finish up so we could watch it on the TV inside. What a dirty game. What an ugly school they have. Anyway, everybody else was really wiped out after that, so we went to bed around midnight.

Woke up around 9:30, and had a very nice breakfast. Lounged around a bit, did a bit of reading in the living room, and then we all ended up in the hot tub or pool. Lots of nice talking, and lots of "don't splash my beer!". Around 2:30 or so we finally got on the road again. Jesi slept most of the way back to Austin (woke up outside of Giddings, for those in the geographical know) to her surprise. Apparently the biochem notes she was studying were more boring than we knew. Got into Austin around 5. Good thing she lives next door, I wasn't planning on driving too much more before I could check my email.

It was an awesome time, and I've got a basic understanding of how to make wine, as well as my very own bottle of their 2003 Zinfandel.

Here's the description of the project that went before me:

Ballroom & Country/Western Dance Tutorial
Faculty Client:
Rosemary Slacks,
Student Developer:
Raul Montes

Project Description:
Some students in large (60+) ballroom and country/western dance classes need more in-depth instruction on various patterns than time permits in class. In fact, for years students have requested a video so they can see and practice the footwork and positions of specific dance variations outside of class. This project created video DVD’s that allow students to watch a demonstration as many times as they need and can help refresh them after a four-day break between classes."

Problem was the former student didn't know anything about dance, and so what we got was a DVD with 4 tracks:
2 Two-step and 2 waltz
1 each of a pair of dancers going through some steps, and 1 each of the mass of TAs dancing the dance free-form. Not a good learning tool at all. So we're going to try again, I'll be hired tomorrow, and I'll take the original tapes and see what can be squeezed out of them and if anything new needs to be taken.

Incidentally, the initial concept was my idea. Now I'll get a chance to see it properly realized, and at $10/hr.

Fencing has turned out a lot more social than I'd really expected. I'm going to be going Wednesday and Thursday nights, possibly picking up Tuesdays nights, and then the obligatory group dinner on Thursday nights. Last week we had Pho, declared that we were all geeky, really and made fun of Josh. We also discovered we all (or nearly so) had intentions of going to RenFaire, so I think we're going to do a group trip. Anyway, this stuff is way cool and I can't wait till Wednesday and I see them again.

Ok, here's what else is cool about fencing.
There's a nice, friendly left handed girl in my Intermediate Fencing class.
I met a very interesting saber girl Wednesday night. I met an interesting, fannish epee girl Thursday night at dinner. I met an interesting LJing girl today at lunch.

Plus more. In short, if I complain about not meeting interesting girls in the next month? Kill me. Now it's just up for me to make something of these connections.

Finally, a quote I am proud of. "Wood nymphs are not period."

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