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Where does all the time go???

So, today started out bad, ended up pretty good.

Roommate didn't come home last night (tis cool), and I stayed up way too late for no good reason. Woke up at 8am as I should, and managed to grab short naps interspersed with clock checks till 8:30. Roommate and GF were having breakfast, but I didn't actually make it out of the room (by coincidence, I assure you) till they left, Daniel poking his head in to check if I was going out after him or was already gone.

Anyway, started walking to my 10am class at 9:40, which ought to be plenty of time. However, I overtook my neighbor Rachel on the street, and so slowed to chat with her, had a nice conversation. End result was, I was a few minutes late to my first class, which I semi-dozed in. It was about the beginnings of Islamic rule in North India, which is interesting in general, but the other students kept asking super-basic questions which indicated they hadn't done the reading.

Ok. I didn't either. But I still understood everything she was saying, and I know better than to make my laziness obvious to a teacher. From there, I'd intended to stop by the Study Abroad Office and get my coursework from overseas, but was reminded by running across it that the Study Abroad Fair was going on. So I found the Arcadia table, the other guy (Jay) from out program who went to NZ, and spent nearly an hour talking people into going to NZ with Arcadia for Study Abroad. It was cool.

Then came fencing, where we kept practicing for our foil practical, and my left-handedness keeps getting in the way, as I and my partner have to circle parry every other time. Got out of that later than usual, ran down to Cypress Bend to eat with Paul, Phil and Josh (Paul is fencing coach, Phil and Josh are TAs, we eat lunch every day). Got a grilled ham & cheese sandwich which took forever to get. So lunch was rushed, hurried to physics. There was a student organization fair going on as well that I had to squeeze through. In case anyone is interested, I grabbed a flyer for Pagan Student Alliance so people will know what's available around here.

Was late to Physics, but prof was chatting so I was ok. I spent a fair amount of the time reading my articles for my next class, because Maxwell's Equations do not move me. I think I understand fields well enough, so that's all good. Or not, we'll see.

Intro to Public Policy was ok. I came out of the articles with big questions about the first one, by Lester Thurow of the Sloan School of Management. Written in 1992, he's demanding a big Federal Dept. of Education that sets standards for all schools nationwide, a 240 day school year, really close business-banking ties, and more or less organizing things on a European or Japanese model, because their economies are going to eat our lunch otherwise.

This is a tricky issue, because I say "What Giant Japanese Economy about to destroy us?" Germany isn't doing too hot these days either. We certainly didn't change things based on what he recommended. On the other hand, the problems he described didn't go away, either. So I'm unsure, but I'm not convinced that his position is entirely accurate with history having passed.

The class itself was entirely taken up by a video of a speach he gave on the same topic, and we're going to discuss it next Monday. Hmm... This could have been much better organized, I think.

Then, home, a little bite of dinner, and off to fencing.

At fencing, I fought my first two saber bouts. 6-15 and 8-15. I think that, given a few more bouts, and against someone being slow that day, overconfident, or newish themselves, I have a chance of winning one.

Also met a nice Sabeur who just got back from a year studying economics, the EU and British politics at Oxford. We must exchange stories...

Finally, about the "Where does time go?" title?
Today I was out from 9:40am to 10:10pm, with about 1.5 hours break.
Tomorrow I have class 9:30-11, dance 11-12:30, class 4-5, study session 6-7, fencing 7-10. I like fencing, I'm going to have to stick with it.
Friday I have class 10-11, 11-12 is ?, 12-1 I'll be seeing a friend, 1-2 is Dance TA session, and we REALLY NEED to talk to some of them, 2-3 is physics, 3-4 is British Studies, then there's a Plan II Party that night, and I'm off to the wine party the next morning.

Which leads to the next week, which is probably just as busy...

Also, joyeuse13 has just posted her DragonCon pictures. I'll agree, your roommate was right, that IS a metaphysical experience. crownless take note, I'll be seeing her at FenCon. Any questions of your own?

I fiddled around with the quiz results (change capitalization) and this is the ship I want:
If I Were a Trek Captain... by Green_Jewel
My speciesTrill
My first officertormenta
My science officercrownless
My chief engineersaberpirate
My head of securitylianali
My random alien crewmember of diversitytygerr
My worthy nemesisneonnurse
My pastel-colored alien love interestrusty76
My missonTo discover the ultimate intergalactic hair piece.
The name of my shipThe Worrywort
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Remarkable, the "Mission" has always stayed the same.

Trust Metric

My trust level is: 71%

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Talk about marginal values...
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