Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


Interesting things in physics. 1st, I did not earn one of Gleeson's quarters for an especially insightful question or answer. First day so far that hasn't happened. I'm cashing in for coffee eventually, I think. Also, someone asked where spontaneous combustion comes from. He started answering, I added a little bit, and the guy next to me randomly said "it's even more common with alfalfa or oats. It's a really impressive sight." Which is cool. I didn't realize anyone in Plan II really knew about these things.

Went immediately to British Studies with MN. She needed to get her bike and stuff, so we were a bit late, and she actually dozed off during the lecture. I have no idea why she wanted to go in the first place, and should have put up a stronger warning when she adopted the idea yesterday. Still, it was a very interesting (to me) lecture about class and race in British Calcutta, if a bit poorly given. Also nice to see Dr. Louis, Marian, and Gail (my advisor) came, and even followed up on my question, so I hope I get some credit with her for that.

To go back a little ways, Dance was fun, and I realized I'm the senior TA among the students, of those present. Thalia wasn't there, and is from my semester, I believe. Travis is older, but wasn't present and may have graduated. Homero, Ryan and Juan are all senior by far, but aren't students. So I'm the top. Sky was commenting she remembered most of the TAs as her students, except me, who was hers. This is cool, but a bit scary too.

Had a unexciting but ok evening. Nice conversations, at least.

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