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Well, that was an opening day

Woke up again, if not at dawn, at least at 8:30, which is plenty good. Got out of bed at 9, checked stuff online and finally made it out the door at 9:40, which got me to my 10am class just on time.

I HAVE AN ADVISOR!!! I talked to the History of India to 1750 prof, and she agreed to be my advisor. So 1 major hurdle ahead of me taken care of. So then I wandered off to the library, considered getting online but all the computers were taken. So I read Firearms, which is one of the three books I got out of the library yesterday.

A bit before 12 I headed down to Belmont and checked in to Intermediate Fencing. Paul was glad to have me back, asked questions about New Zealand and all that stuff. We did footwork practice. I need to get a locker, will take care of that on Friday I think. Class is only Monday-Wednesday, so that's cool.

Had lunch as had become standard after fencing last spring, eating across the street from Belmont at the little store in San Jac with Paul, Josh, Doug and some other fencers. It was fun, and we heard Doug's summer war stories (NROTC cruise on a sub).

After lunch, made my way to Physics, which was ok. Looks like it will be very hard, but saw a lot of people I know. Need to get a study group together for that. Then off to Public Policy, where the prof seems a bit fruity, as I've been telling everyone. Apparently she puts a huge store on Myers-Briggs results, and so we're all going to take the test at some point in the semester and write our results on our nametags. We'll see where this goes. Also, she gets easily distracted, and attempted to show us a PowerPoint (evil!) on how to read the NYT, but talked about a bunch of other stuff instead and ran out of time. Maybe the newspaper part was at the end. She really reinforced (even cited) the image of public policy people as half-informed wonks blundering their way through and only doing this because everybody lets them. Mmm, ambition.

Picked up my textbooks at the bookstore (<3 weborder), hitched a ride home with dad, and then went grocery shopping with the VW. Bought $82 worth of food, but neglected to ascertain if we had a can opener or not, so some of it isn't immediately accessible. The Shiner Bock and Woodchuck is accessible, but I'm being good. On my way up the stairs to my apartment, the Woodchuck container (cardboard 6pack) came undone somehow, and I had a moment of terror as 6 bottles bounced all over the hallway. Luckily, none popped their caps or shattered, so it's all safe.

Tomorrow (well, next sleep cycle) I have "Politics of New Democracies" at 9:30, and I'll drop by the Ballroom at 11. Nothing else scheduled, so it would be a good day to work on reimbursement, rebates and my thesis abstract.

See y'all!

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