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Tomorrow is the first day of a the next day of my life

I acquired an Airport Express today, and installed it tonight, hooking it up with the one we already have, so now the Wifi is reliable in our apartment.

Also went by campus to register for Fencing, see about TA'ing dance, and grab a car. Couldn't resist getting a few books out of the library. Got my PC, chair and some other stuff from home and took them to the apartment, then made it back to campus for a Thesis advice session and got some BBQ, cookies and a snow-cone from the departmental parties before the big "Gone to Texas" celebration they do to fire up freshmen.

Classes start tomorrow:

MWF 10-11: HIS 346M Muslim India Before 1750
MW 12-1:30: PED 105M 3-Intermediate Fencing: Foil
MWF 2-3: PHY 341 Selected Tpcs: Modern Physics
MW: 3-4:30: GOV 358 Introduction To Public Policy

TTH 9:30-11: GOV 365N Politics Of New Democracies

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