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More past, and quizzage

I'm just putting this in because the joke opportunities are too strong.

At Camp here, we have outhouses for our human waste needs. They drop directly into a plastic 35 gallon drum, which is then when appropriately full removed and dumped in a hole in the woods.

So. On Monday, I got shit detail. First I dug the shit hole, then my dad and I retreived the shit cans from two of the outhouses, and poured them out into one big pile of shit. Run out of jokes at this point, so we'll just leave it as buried and move on.

My mother got here last night. Actually, almost all of us drove to Portland to get her. I was too tired and got a bit cranky, which made the driving frustrating, but I'm so glad to see her. It turns out she and my aunt, who is coming tomorrow, are both huge Heyer fans. So, someone to share with. That said, she's working on "Conflict of Honor" now, so there's someone near me who reads Liaden.

Played pinochle tonight with my dad, grandpa and uncle. It was a fun game which I've played once before, but had forgotten. I hope we can keep it going, it's great fun. I suppose with all the Heyer I read I ought to learn whist and picquet as well.

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