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Not the DNC

Noreascon has a webpage listing ways their convention is not like the DNC one. My comments on several:

18. The people asking you to vote for them will give you chocolate.
And this is why I voted for Charlotte 05 NASFIC. Sorry they didn't win, they were great.

30. Nobody ever won a Hugo by starting a sentence with, "If you vote for me, then I promise to...".
If Lois said "Vote for me and I'll give you 2 more Miles books", she win in a landslide.

67. Corollary of the 100% greater chance of men in tights: 100% greater odds of seeing a man in a kilt, a girl in a bunny fur (or chainmail) bikini, or a security detail in Stormtrooper armor.

Thus why the Democrats are behind - Less cool clothing options
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