Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

The Pretty, Catching Up to today, and other stuff.

When we arrived in Portland ME on Friday, due to nasty traffic on I-495 around Boston it was past 7pm, and so we went to Cap'n Newick's. However, I observed that there seemed to be a virtual bouncer or something, keeping out the pretty. As in, absolutely none there. One cute baby, but that's different. Over the next few days, I've more or less decided that there are very few pretty people in Maine. I saw a few in Naples, all tourists, but that was it, until last night. At Casco Days, a local town carnival, I saw a reasonable portion of pretty people, and all became right again in the world. But I fear for the next two weeks.

Dave Barry sayz:
The wrestlers were here, needless to say, to encourage young people to vote. You cannot wave your Antiterrorist Kit in this city without striking a celebrity encouraging young people to Make Their Voices Heard on the Issues. When I was a young person, the only issue I cared about was finding another young person willing to have sex with me, but apparently young people today have all these bigger concerns, and they are constantly being nagged by famous celebrities to do something about them.

1968 called. They want to scream "Down with dualism!" Then again, I suppose there's no chance of getting notified of a Young Conservatives Free Love Party when I get back to Austin...

As for the rest of stuff - I'm here, and will be for the next two weeks. We have DSL, amazingly enough, but getting access to it is a bit difficult. So I hope to get active again on the Bujold list, etc, but my family might interfere.

ajhalluk has regained a large portion of respect from me for posting this as a response in her LJ:
Oh, I don't mind people hijacking my threads to talk about historical pornography or whatever provided they include proper footnotes.

Now off to work on the road.
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