Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Me in DC tomorrow!

I'm terribly sorry about the lack of warning about this, but I didn't
even think of it until very late last night. I am going to be driving
from Philadelphia to Hagerstown, MD tomorrow, and had been planning on
going by way of Baltimore. Not ordinarily being the kind to make an
early start, I told my family I expected to arrive around 3:30pm.
However, it has now occurred to me that I can make a diversion DCwards
by leaving earlier than noon, and see some of you.

Since I imagine most of you are gainfully employed or something like
that, meeting for lunch is probably the only way to pull this off. Who
is free, and where should we meet?
I'm appointing Cat as my agent in this to arrange time & place. I can
be in DC from around 11:30 to nearly 2:00.

Please contact fairestcat for any details. My cell phone # will follow in a friendslocked post, too.

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