Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Leaving on a jet plane

Hey folks, flying to Baltimore in 2 hours. If I get trapped there I'll call you DC friends, but the plan is to take the train to Philly, from Philly to my Grandparent's near there, and meet my mother at that location.

Then I'll travel down to Hagerstown, MD and see my cousin, her family (twins! 5 year olds! Avid golfers!), uncles, grandmother etc. Then off to Maine at some point, where I will spend probably two weeks before returning to Texas via Baltimore by some way.

LJ and email access will be uncertain, and IMing unlikely. For most people (especially in the US) if you want to contact me, please email me with a number and good time to catch you (ideally after 9pm Eastern or a weekend) and I'll give you a phone call

LMB Minicon News: Met celticdragonfly, selenite, castiron and tygerr, plus their respective kids (other that tygerr's) yesterday. They were all cool, friendly and a joy to be with, as always. Maggie totally stole tygerr for the entire time, and I got to play with Thumper the Tank Baby. He's giant. Best luck with today and tomorrow.

Best wishes to Danielle & Brian on their wedding today!

Also, thanks to tygerr, commodorified and fairestcat among many others, for being such great friends.

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