Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Catching up a bit

Foxtrot takes on modern media & politics

Also a bit of a gip, thanks to the wonderful icon-making commodorified.

Ok, sorry to have gone so long without any real updates.

I've been to Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland. I've met 4 folks from Ars Technica, and 4 from the Bujold List. They were all extremely cool and nice, especially Robin for hosting me during my Wellington stay.

I've been to the National Maritime Museum, which underimpressed me compared to the Wellington one. However, I rather liked the Auckland Museum rather better than the National Museum (Te Papa) in Wellington. So both cities have something good. I was rather disappointed at the Auckland Museum's having reduced their military section to not even all of the top floor. I would wish that the Auckland Province wouldn't have cut back so much on their War Memorial, or crowded what they did display to the extent they have. At least it is a very pretty building, worthy of what it holds.

It's late Tuesday night. I have 3 days left (Wednesday spent traveling, Thursday and Friday getting all my stuff together or disposed of, then I leave on Friday). This is feeling very rushed, all of a sudden.
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