Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Time running out

Thursday night I read "The Inshore Squadron" (another Bolitho) and "Ramage" (the first by Dudley Pope). Both good, Ramage is particularly promising. I made some note while reading that seemed interesting or entertaining. Here they go:

Hornblower as fellow midshipman on Superb along with Jack Dawlish

"like most harbour defenses it was useless: completely vulnerable to attack from the landward side" (written in margin: "e.g. Singapore")

"[to her Ladyship] the very words frankincense and myrrh are synonymous with nameless debaucheries..." (Why is this? Three Kings of Orient Massage Parlor?)

Anybody got anything to say about those?

Off to see my uncle, aunt and one cousin at 5 for dinner and a rugby game on TV.

I really need to make the time to get together my trip plans, but I just don't seem to do it.

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