Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Blah? Mushgh. Something.

I have an exam in under 3 hours, for which I'm supposed to know lots of nitpicky details which I didn't bother with.

I discovered last night that I missed the organizing meeting for volunteers for the Otago Foreign Policy School, so unless I can just sneak in free, I just wasted a major portion of why I'm spending even more winter time here...

I also discovered last night that the cheap seats on flights I was counting on to make visiting Wellington and Auckland and meeting the listies, Arsians and other folks there are probably sold out now, and so I'll have to get those ducks in a row real quick if I've going to salvage anything from the other reason I'm spending lots of winter time here.

So yeah, my semester went to lots of hell last night.

On the plus side, I sent out my plea for apartmentmates/season ticket holders just now to a number of the people I know in Austin (who I might expect to have something useful to add, so I left out the "own house" and "never go to games" folks). We'll see what response that gets.

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