Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


Spent all Saturday recovering from Friday, when we celebrated Daniel, Karl and some others finishing exams. I'm done Wednesday. I played "Civilization", the Avalon Hill boardgame, today with some friends. We got about halfway through before the place we were at closed (it's an 8 hour game, I'm told), but it was a ton of fun. Anybody I know played it before? selenite? Must find a copy, when I have money.

Last night, I read two and a half Alexander Kent books, "Enemy in Sight" and "Form Line of Battle". I'll finish "The Flag Captain" tonight. Which raises a question: I've heard this both ways: The Flag Captain was a post of honor, given to a senior captain likely to soon make admiral, and that Flag Captain was one of the most junior with the squadron, so the Admiral placed his flag where he could keep an eye on the inexperienced officer.

Gacked from iuliamentis
My Best Friend is sraun
Our 31 common interests are: austin lounge lizards, board games, books, bookstores, brust, bujold, computers, cons, conventions, f&sf, f/sf, fandom, fantasy, lois mcmaster bujold, miles vorkosigan, npr, puns, reading, sci fi, sci-fi, sci-fi conventions, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, science-fiction, scifi, sf, sf books, steven brust, used bookstores, vorkosigan
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I suspect this is what happens if you use other people's lists to get your interests from. Still need to meet him, too.
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