Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

That was impressive

I just had a 4 hour dinner.

The Arcadia Study Abroad program had their farewell dinner for the Dunedin students tonight at "Bell Pepper Blues". A very nice place, but which seemed to have a little trouble dealing with 24 people. That is, there was a long time before each course. I had a very nice soup, beef, and cheesecake meal, very nice. A little too much artistic arrangement for my taste, certainly somewhere I wouldn't make a habit of going. But really good, all the same.

Saw Jane (for presumably the last time), our wonderful angel/guide/host, who has done so much to make our semester work out. She's just one of the nicest people I've ever met, just a wonder. Also saw all the folks I've been attending here with, a great many of whom I haven't seen or talked to in months, some since we did the Queenstown trip. Mostly listened, let them talk. There was one fellow there I didn't know, an asian fellow by the name of John. He came over last semester, and was making a full year of it. Since nobody knew him besides Jane, I talked to him mostly, and he seemed to be quite a cool fellow.

Got my participation mark in the Terrorism paper. 10/10, a distinction I shared with 14 out of 181 students on the spreadsheet. Since I have 20.4 marks from my essay, I need to get 20 marks from my exam, or about 30%, in order to pass.
How's that for an easy feeling? This is the NZ tertiary education system student way of thinking...

Tomorrow is for hanging with the geeks, maybe going to the Cook. I ought to study some, too. Saturday night is the All Blacks match versus England. Fun times at Carisbrook. Cliff and Rhys (Uncle and Cousin) are coming along, I think.

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