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Terribly sorry about that last post. It looked intelligently formatted when I wrote it. Too lazy to fix things now.
Got up, checked out "The Mauritius Command" from the library. I'm feeling guilty, because I got the large print version out. I swear, the regular one was listed as "Just returned" on Tuesday, so I figured it was ok for me to get today. But no, it was checked out already by the time I got there (~3pm). I feel bad about taking the large print version, but I'll have it back in two days or so, and it will probably let me read with my contacts out easily. (I can read without correction, but it can be a bit straining)

Hung out with Ben, Cass and the other geeks. Went to the Outback for their $3 Works burger, then followed Cass grocery shopping. Back at the flat, we hung around until it became too late to play RISK, so I watched John play a Rugby League computer game before coming here to catchup on Internet.

Cass is lobbying for me to stay in NZ, transfer and graduate, and offered to let me rent a room (in the house she's buying??? eh?) Knowing how particular she is about living with folks, that's pretty impressive.

Of course, she's not the only one to say that kind of thing. So tempting...

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