Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

What I've been up to &etc

Ok, I covered Friday earlier. Went to "SouthCon" this weekend. It was apparently the south South Island New Zealand's minitures gaming experience. Two of the guys I know were playing Warhammer 40k there. They did alright, but a look around the rest of the population there made me feel like I really didn't belong, Too normal or something... Also, it was in one large room borrowed from the Otago Museum, and stank. The other Cons I've been to, that hasn't been a problem, and I couldn't say anything about individual people. It was just the room itself. Played "Lord of the Rings RISK: Trilogy Edition" on Saturday night, and it was quite good. Only a 4 player game, but really fun. If you're looking for a RISK varient to buy, I'd say that's a good one. Sunday I went to my Uncle's house for dinner, which was quite good, and a game of RISK 2210AD was played with my cousins and one of their friends. This varient has a 5 player option, but I found that the economics and card basis was too complex. Of course, if I'd understood the rules on getting new units, I'd have done better, but I'd just have to say this isn't a superior varient. Diplomacy game progresses well. I'm Austria, and I've survived the first few turns so I think we're in a strong place. (I play with a partner, but he actually has done very little). Current Status. Game so far. Reading from Monday, when I got nothing done due to the Queen's Birthday holiday: Read "Regency Buck" last night, which was ok, but not comperable to "The Grand Sophy". Much prefer Sayers. Also read "Night Without End" by Alistair MacLean, which was a good, short suspense novel. I'm really liking his stuff. "The Thirty-Nine Steps" by John Buchan was fun, and one of the first of the spy novels. "The Dragon and the George" by Gordon R. Dickson annoyed me at the start (hero saying and doing stupid things) but that settled down pretty quickly, and though I have no idea of what general principles the world he used was based on, it ended up being a cute little story. Finally, I started "Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkinr" by P.G. Wodehouse. Have to admit, it isn't terrible, but it's not a lot of fun either. I need to try something with Jeeves in it. Haven't finished it, might do that tonight. Laptop is still in the shop, after the (replacement) screen went all wonky. I'm praying that it was a loose LCD conector from the last install, but otherwise it's either the LCD or the videocard, which is built into the logic board. If it's the logic board that gets replaced, the only original things in that computer will be the optical drive, wireless card, hard drive and battery. Since I plan on replacing the last two as soon as the warrenty runs out and I have money, that will be most interesting... Arcadia dinner is on Thursday, June 10th. All Blacks game is on Saturday. I still have 2 spare tickets. I'm contemplating offering them to the Arcadia students, or posting signs to sell the around campus. Cliff said his family might be interested, but he'd have to get back to me later in the week. I'll ask tomorrow, because if I'm going to sell them I haven't forever. Do you people like these long, everything I've done descriptions? Please let me know.

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