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And an urge to hit the bars...

It's 2:30AM on Saturday, for those who aren't keeping track. Today was a great day, in a general sense.

Woke up at 9am-ish. Though about calling my cousin, then remembered. My computer is broke again!!! So I don't have her phone number. Oh well, I should hear about it Tuesday. Such is life.
Phone rang, I let it leave a message. After breakfast, I checked and discovered it was Telecom calling to let us know our bill was overdue and if it wasn't paid in 2 (working?) days it would be cut off. Mentioned this to flatmate Alex, whose name the account it is in. "Oh yeah, the bill's in the car. I forgot..." Thanks. Anyway, left money on the fridge for that.

Went to lecture, which was ok, certainly not among the worst. (More details elsewhere). We were given chocolates and our essays at the end. I got a 22.5/30, which is a B+. Daniel got a 27, which is A+, and Karl I believe got a 25. Kelly would not say what she received, as she thought it too high for what she turned in...

After that, went over to Daniel's place where we eventually gathered, and Lauren (his GF) drove us down to Karl's for another game of Shogun. It was unfortunately limited, so we only got 3 turns in, but went well all the same. Players were me, Karl, Daniel and Higgins. Karl won again, but this time only beat me by one province. I suspect if Daniel applied himself he'll have better luck next time.

At the conclusion of that , we proceeded to the Cook for our regular 5pm, where Higgins and I traded rounds back and forth and we had an excellent conversation. Not sooner than 9, we left the Cook and proceeded to Daniel's flat, where the group regrouped, picked up Tim and some others, and wandered down to the Outback, where John has the tab his group won at the Lipsync. We downed 4 jugs as a group there, and left around 11. Having left them at their domicile, I repaired to the internet, which I haven't seen in 2-3 days, and checked up on things. My you folks have been busy. Sorry I can't get in on the LMB discussion on dating, but I am in fact still drunk, with very cold fingers, and it's time for bed. Still. thank you tygerr, I wish I had time to back you (and a number of other people) up.

Books read since last entry:
3 Bolitho in an omnibus, which were slightly disappointing
The Truth, by Pratchett
HMS Surprise, which is the book with both the sloth, "Jack you've debautched my sloth!" and "Steven said 'Have you ever though of sex, my dear?' Jack replied 'No, I can't say I ever have.' " OWTTE

Read LJ, email, and now to bed.

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