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Not a good day

I suppose since if anybody friends me, they'll get a massive post if I make them, I think I'll start any posts that are more than a little bit with a Table of Contents and then but a put for the content. Thanks ase for the clue about that.

1) Why today was a bad day
2) What did go well
3) Questions about LJ
4) Worries

1) Why today was a bad day:
a) Well, I hate admitting this, which is why I feel like I should. Unlike some other things I don't want to talk about, which is why I don't. Anyway, I got taken for a ride today. Best way I can think of to describe it.
I went to the drugstore about 2:30 to pick up some little things, and a fellow approached me. Talked to me a little bit about my car (it's a fairly distinctive 1968 Type II VW Bus, one of the family vehicles I transport myself in. You're sure to hear more of it in the future.) Anyway, he claims to have one too, which isn't very uncommon in this neighborhood, or Austin in general. He didn't look the type, but I resist judging. 1st mistake. He goes on about how his is broken, offers it to me if I want it for parts. He asks for a ride home, and I feel sufficiently unthreatened to accept his idea that I ought to provide one. I'm way behind on Good Turns anyway.
When we get to the car he starts giving me directions which are different from where he said he lived, and I discover now he's telling me he needs a ride to the AutoZone to pickup an alternator. Well, ok. I take him there and he goes in, then comes out and tells me he needs $20 to get it, he's got 20 of his own, but he's buying it from a friend under the counter and his friend isn't taking his promise of half later. I balk at this, but he eventually wins me over, which incidentally cuts my cash on hand in more than half. There was a lot of talking here, and actually everywhere. Very talkative guy, but I notice he's asking a lot of questions, and not telling me a lot of hard details about himself. Well, he comes back out of AutoZone and says he needs to go see his brother to get him to pickup his kids before he goes to work. Well, I'm foolish enough to go along with this, which leads me to taking him to a convenience store east of 183, where little is happened. He says his brother will meet him there, "at 3:30 or 3:45". It is now 3:00, and I really do need to get going. So I tell him "I'm going back to the drugstore" and he says "ok" and hops out. He tells me he'll pay me back if he can call me. He was going to pay me back when I took him to his car, but that seems to have changed. Anyway, we part company there.

I was intellectually aware of what was going on at AutoZone. I was suspicious as soon as he asked for a ride, and looked for an easy way to get rid of one then, but didn't see any. I never felt threatened, and all I'm really out of is maybe .5 gallons of gas and $20. I went to where he claimed he worked (on campus), when he said he'd be there, on the off chance he was honest, but I really had no hope. Arrgh. I've gotten worked up typing this, so I'll just quit this story here. No, I don't really want to think of it any more, I just decided I had to admit it.

b) On a really different topic, but vaguely related part, is the other thing that really didn't go well.

I went down to campus to deposit the checks which all the little Freshmen have been sending in which will pay their membership dues in the Plan II Students Association, and the Fall/Freshman Getaway, and the parties coming up in the year, and a whole bunch of other things. Anyway, I'm the treasurer, so it's my job to make the deposits in the Student Association Bank. Well, between being nearly an hour behind schedule because of above, and hanging out talking to the desk worker in the Plan II Office (a good friend), I don't get to the Bank until 4:02, when it closes at 4. I had thought that it closed at 4:30, but it seems I am wrong. So that, which was the part of my day that really needed to get done so I can go play in Canada, didn't. Will have to take care of it tomorrow.

2) Despite the above, somethings did go right.
a) After all this crud prior, I went down to Jupiter Records . Nice independent music store, bought some CDs. One of which I was listening to while composing this, although it started on "Stupid Texas Song", and moved to "Hey Little Minivan". Also found a CD by a friend of mine, by his new group The Hudsons. I suppose I'll have to break that out and give it a listen now, although I don't think his best work is on it. I also bought a Cory Morrow CD because I've downloaded his music, it was only $8.99, and he deserves to make a living. Anyway, despite that all costing money, I'm happy with it. Now to get back to the record companies on making the plastic wrap customer-proof...

b) On the way home, I stopped at Casey's New Orleans Ice and got what's effectively a giant sno-cone, for $1.25 and strawberry, so that's Cool. I feel good about that too.

3) Questions about Live Journal
So I've read most of the FAQs, and there will be a picture going up soon, etc. What else is there I need to know? I'm writing this in Xjournal, which seems to be a very nice LJ helper for OS X, but it is a little hard to get to different modes sometimes, or figure out what my options are, which caused those broken links last post. Anybody else also on OS X who's got hints for Xjournal or would like to suggest another?

Secondly, what kinds of traditional LJ stuff is done or not-done, that I need to be aware of? ase's note about lj-cut helped me greatly with this post, and I'd like to know what other things I should beware of.

4) Worries.

Ok, I've just stuck this in for additional content. The things I'm worried about in some way at the moment:

Traveling to a SARS infected world (ok, SARS doesn't enter into it. Foreigness does)
My game of Diplomacy, which yes, I'm not doing so well at.
Meeting lots of people who I'm sure have sharply different views from me, and avoiding shooting myself in the foot with an unguarded comment.
Remembering to drop Greek 312 and add something in History on Aug 24th.
Prepping to drop right into the middle of classes after they've been going for 1/2 a week and I'll have arrived in town from Torcon 10 hours before or so.
Traveling across borders with paranoid people on them, AND customs officials
Getting onto a reasonable sleep schedule (fat chance)
Umm... Women. I'd add wine and song, but they don't worry me at the moment.
Anything else y'all know I'm worried about and would like to tell me? :-)

That's it for this post, I appreciate the feedback and please feel free to let me know if I know you from somewhere else, rediscovering connections is always fun.


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