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Got my Ethics essay back. Passed it, which is all I care, by now. Then class was dismissed, after we filled out a pair of course surveys. Ugh. I suppose I had to get out of bed to get my essay, but still. Major lack of helpful comments, as well.
Almost slept in Warfare, because I went to bed at 5am after reading Post Captain.

Last night was great. The Outback, which is one of the lamer of the campus bars, mostly patronized by freshmen, had a lip-sync contest for several weeks of Thursdays, with the final yesterday. There were 17 groups performing, one of which was made up of Daniel's flatmates & friends.

They started out as the band "Warlocks of Firetop Mountain" (come on, if you get that post and tell me), then Godzilla come up and ate several of them, before a Ghost came on and sang "Stairway to Heaven". He was then attacked by the Ghostbusters (with silly string), and they finished all dancing together. Really funny, and with logical connections between them all.

They got 2nd, and a $200 bar tab. Means we have to return to the outback, but we can deal with that. 1st Prize went to a group of guys who did the Village People & Michael Jackson. They performed pretty well, but I would have put them 3rd. They got $1500 cash. The 3rd place went to my favorites, a set of 4 girls who did very short riffs on maybe a dozen or more themes. They were just crazy great.

Kelly, who is the class rep for Warfare and a very nice girl, surprised us with a solo show as "Sarah Brightman", singing opera and eventually stripping. She appeared very embarrassed afterwards that people she knew were in the audience (Daniel, Cass and I), but did a really good job. Rather surprised she missed that we were sitting the the front row, but I guess performers don't always focus on the crowd. (I'd have given her 3rd, but then, I know her)

I feel just as well that the numerous acts that consisted of "I have boobs, watch me rub them" seemed to get generally passed over. Perhaps the sheer number of them made it transparent. "Toxic" was played at least 4 or 5 times, and a bunch of other stuff I really didn't want to hear. Most of the acts were crap, but there were perhaps half a dozen, including all the ones I mentioned, that weren't bad.

Trailer for Alexander, the next big classical war movie coming up

Interview with Lois McMaster Bujold, Pat Wrede and five other Twin Cities women authors.
Their zigzagging discussion visited a cosmic range of subjects: the metaphor of violence, male-on-male porn (written by lesbians), differing definitions of "conservative", and the lasting influence of Han Solo.

Italy adopts Pizza regulations
Neapolitan pizza makers convinced the agriculture ministry to work up the law to protect their craft from bogus copies.

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