Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Time to catch up

Does this look like a terrible place to live?

WyldKard's theory on Luke Skywalker's father.

Awoke a 2nd time at 8:55am, recalled I have a class at 9. Got there more or less on time, and watched a sanctimonious BBC video on fair-trade coffee. Went home, got properly awake, had breakfast and headed out.

Went to the optional tutorial for my warfare class, and realized once again how actively hostile lecture halls are to discussion. Went to lunch with Karl and Daniel, where we talked about doing some gaming on Saturday night, perhaps, the massive 24 hour booksale Friday-Saturday, and a whole lot of comic books. Since comics aren't really my thing (such an expensive habit to have) I had less to contribute, but luckily there's enough stuff mainstreamed or affiliated with things I do know that I was able to keep along. Then wandered off for internet time, which means I have clean email accounts, read LJs and that's about it.

Coming up:
Thursday - Ethics & IR, Classics vs. Philosophy soccer game, then celebrating our win at a pub.
Friday - Ethics & IR, Greek Warfare, and then happy hour at the Cook.
Saturday - Gaming, w/drinking?

Shaping up to look pretty good, eh?
Also, I got my submission to the poster contest in, 3 of them. So I ought to win something.

If you'd like a phone call from me, I have to apologize. My laptop has all my phone numbers on it, I foolishly didn't copy them off, and now that I'm being told it will be a week, I'm a little handicapped. Have to admit I don't think I have any of your numbers memorized...

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