Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Troy, etc.

My evaluation of Troy: It was really funny. Probably not meant to be, but our 60+ member contingent from the Classics Department were laughing regularly. No one else was, though. This is a movie I'll buy on DVD and we'll have home MST3K sessions to.
Not too gory or cruel, either. Should be good for anyone willing to see violence, etc.

Achilles is shown as very much interested in the pleasures of the flesh, but with the exception of Patrocles (and not overtly with him, we were just really reading that in to things) it was all heterosexual.

So yeah, don't expect great art or anything. As Karl put it: "It's not a f'ing documentary, yeah" But a good show all the same.

News I didn't expect:
Austin #1 city for Dating
Some of the criteria seem dubious to me:
"Austin residents also had the highest expenditures on alcohol purchased away from home."

A whole lot of other people did this quiz:
You are boisterous and affectionate. You are the
kind of tree that takes nothing sitting down,
and is always ready for an adventure. You like
to see everything that goes on around you. You
like the warm weather, but you flourish when
the nights tend to grow slightly colder. You
are someone who likes to extend your days into
the night hours because you never want to leave
anything unfinished. You love an audience when
you do things and you like to show off
sometimes, but others admire your attitude. You
fear past mistakes coming back to haunt you,
but try to live day by day. You admire the
strength of others and try to find the same in
yourself. When you leave this word, you want to
make an impression so that you'll never be

What's Your Inner Tree?
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