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Infinite anger and pain comes when important conversations, or more accurately, conversations with important people, are destroyed by my inability to get a working instant messenger connection. Much aggrevation here.

I went to The Capping Show with Daniel and Ava last night. I have no idea where the name came from, but it's a student production with a hundred year history, they claim. There's a story arc, based on a James Bond theme this year, and then a bunch of little skits and puns, plus a little singing.

The singing was the highlight, with a lot of filk (well, they didn't know it) on such themes as "Get a C' " about grades & studying, or "Can we make sweet love tonight" for university romance... The "Sextet", the guy singers, were really good. The girl group "Sexytet" I think had much inferior songs, and didn't sing as well either. But no guys got solo songs, which "Get a C" and "Hymens are a Girl's Best Friend" both did well as.

The puns were mostly bad, as in better off omitted. The "James Blond" storyline was ok, but not great. The series "More Evidence Freshers are Stupid" was actually really good.

All in all, a pretty good thing to go to, but not a professional event.

I saw on /. this story: Wireless, Automatic Beer Pitcher fullness monitor. Now that's neat, mostly useless, but clever. I'd have grilled them about the RF transmitting, but that's more my field than anything else involved, besides the drinking.

Everything else going alright.

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