Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

This feels strange to me

Thanks to neonnurse's quiz, I went looking on Schooner Fare's website for lyrics to their version of "Bonnie Hielan Laddie". Sadly, I the first thing I saw there was that Tom Rowe, the non-brother of the three and a great guy, passed away months ago. Just the fact I didn't know bothers me.

Anyway, so I started clicking links they had, which led me to the World Folk Music Association in Washington DC. Who had a really nice list of upcoming events in the DC area. Schooner Fareis playing on May 15 in Alexandria. They usually go down for a few shows, and then return to Maine for the Summer, as I recall.

What else is playing in the DC area?

The Washington Folk Festival didn't wow me, but this did:

The Kingston Trio and The Smothers Brothers in Vienna on June 8! I mean, these guys are what my parents listened to, or might have! They're STILL SINGING?

Oh yeah, The Seekers are doing a tour of Australia and New Zealand in July. Probably won't get to Auckland or Christchurch till after I'm gone, though. No details yet found.

I guess Folk Music never dies...

Oh yeah, Garnet Rogers is playing on 6/9. I'd like to make it to one of his concerts sometime, too.

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