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Gah! Really Tired

Had the Classics paper due today at 5pm. So obviously I did what anyone else would do, I read David Weber's "The Excalibur Alternative" (terrible) and then got started around 2:30 AM. Was supposed to do 3000 words (max). Did 2200 and called it quits. Terribly underrefferenced, undercited, etc. I just don't care anymore. Got it in at 5:06, so happy with that.

Spent a long while (from then till now, more or less) chatting with fairestcat, marnan,damned_colonial and two others I don't know. Wonderful time, great chat.

I'm dead tired.

Also, if I seem paranoid to any of you over the next month, I'm playing Diplomacy here. I do wonder if the game will actually affect my mental state. Maybe I'm just already paranoid...

Grumpy because I planned to call my grandmother this morning (her afternoon) but the phone went out on me. The battery in our cordless sucks, we do just need to buy a new one.

Was going to get to get tickets for "The Capping Show: You Only Laugh Twice", which is apparently some kind of student theater comedy tradiiton. Sold out. So I need to talk to Daniel and see when his flat's rescheduled for.

Classics social stuff is going incredibly well, though.

Grrmph. Class at 10am, then free discussion at 1pm, and maybe a soccer practice/bar session. (We're good at combining stuff like that).

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