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Ok, it's much better than that.

First off, my first bit of Quizzage in a Long Time.
From saberpirate

Hee! You are Jack's "You have to find
yourself a girl, mate ... you're not a eunuch,
are you?" speech. You're quite a bit sex-
crazed, and you assume that everyone else is as
horny as you are. Get it on as soon as
possible so that you can join the rest of us on
Planet Earth ... I'm sure you'll have a good
time doing so.

Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Now, about my weekend.

Friday morning, I got up and made it to lecture, where I lasted for about 40 minutes before sneaking out to the Arcadia Reception. My program, Arcadia University - Center for Education Abroad flew out study abroad advisors for all the universities who sent students through them to New Zealand, and they were conducted about the country and shown what a wonderful place it is to visit, etc. So I saw my advisor, Rino, and much was made of me, "Happy Birthday" was sung twice, and a small cake brought out.

Nice enough. After that, I headed home, where I called my Home, and got to say "Happy Birthday" to my sister. Talked to her for a bit, and to my parents. They sent me a CD of Alvin Crow at the The Broken Spoke where we all like going to dance. There was also a bumper sticker enclosed, but that will probably come home with me. Then I called the rest of my family. I'm afraid all but two of them were only left messages, but I did get in good talks with my Uncle Neal and Aunt Linda.

Needed to kill some time then, so I finished reading "Master and Commander". :-D Having completed that I headed off to get a little bit of internet time in, where some of you saw me and I posted my previous LJ entry.

Dropped off my computer at home and headed down to my regular Friday at the Captain Cook, the pub that the classics students meet on Friday's at 5. Stayed there till ~8, whereupon Daniel and I went to his flat and collected sundry other persons, and proceeded to an arcadelike place. Played a round of Minigolf, and then a game of very weird bowling. From there, Tim, Eva and the two Canadians, Todd and Matt, and I headed to the bowler, where there was more drinking and a little dancing. Tim and Eva headed home a bit later, so Todd and Matt took on the task of treating me to shots. That went really well. From there, we headed back to the Cook to see what I could get for free, but it was closed (at 2!), so we got Subway instead and they headed home. I got a bit of Scotch at KC's, and then went home.

4.5L beer
2-3 Kamikazines
7? 10? Broken Down Golfcarts
2 shots of neat Scotch
1 unknown shot the Bowler gave for free

Nothing else, which I take to mean the song I was sung was insufficiently inspirational.

Anyway, that was my Friday.

Saturday I awoke late, lay in bed and read. Went out to dinner with my Uncle and his family, which was very nice. They gave me the first two DVDs of Father Ted. We went back to their house and watched the first three episodes. Then to home and bed. Highlanders won in an upset, but I didn't watch. :(

Sunday, I again awoke late. Read more of "Influence of the Physical Environment on Ancient Greek Seafaring". Started Dan Simmon's "Illium" but am not liking it much past the first page. May not finish. Did read finish "Kim", which was excellent. Oh how I wish I could have seen that world. Kipling is a Master.

So now I'm just lounging around the internet. Hope you are all fine.

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