Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

As things get better

Let's see how much better things can get.


Stayed up to be awake for the sunrise service on ANZAC Day. Fell asleep around 5am, woke up at 7. So I missed that. Got up and puttered around, made it out of the flat and walked around a lot. Walked down to see the memorial, then noticed that the theater in the City Hall was showing Master & Commander at 3:30. So I walked around quite a bit more, stopped by the library, where I could only read, not check out (limited services on Sundays!). Started "The Mote in God's Eye", really liked it. Went to see the movie, had a good time. Forget what happened after this, really.

Monday I was pretty much a wreck, considering how I have 400 words on paper for an 1800 work essay that had been due on Friday. Thought I would stay up writing more. Instead, I read Rats, Bats and Vats.

I wonder how much was Flint and how much was Freer? Overall, I liked almost all of it. The romance was annoyingly done, though. The real killer to me was the massive class struggle. It was just insane. I guess in fiction you can get things to be just as you believe they are.

I think the book would be better off without any of the humans. The rats were just way cool, and the bats perpetually amusing too. I'll accept the Brönte references, because they had so much Gilbert & Sullivan too.

Class Monday was ok, tired but pulled through. Went out to the Arc Cafe, for "Arcoustic". They had 7 local folks playing, it appeared. A cool place, very much like you would expect an alternative cafe with live music to be. I left after the 4th performer. It was very clear that these people weren't going to make a living doing music, and I only liked maybe 2-3 of the songs total, but it was still pretty nice. Left at 11pm, and saw two fellows outside the Otago Sport store, waiting in queue for their All Blacks tickets. One of them told me to stay with them, but I said I had to finish my essay. Went home, made Mac & Cheese (doesn't taste the same, they use different powdered cheese in their boxes) and started work.
Got the essay up to 2200 words, and decided not to bother trimming. Then I went out to join the queue outside Otago Sports for my tickets. I was 17th by that point, at 4:30 AM. Nobody else came till 5:30, and it didn't really grow much, either. Got up to maybe 70 people by 9, when the store opened. I read (for only an hour), listened to my CDs, and tried to sleep. Didn't pull it off, wish the streetcleaners hadn't been constantly driving around/using generators and stuff. Real noisy for 6am, I'd say. Maybe if I could have stretched out with a sleeping bag like the smart folks...

Got my tickets, went home. Hot water is out. :( Got my laptop, went to the library to fill in the sources for the essay I'd written from memory. Didn't get much of any done before I went to Classics Coffee Morning at 11. Stayed there for an hour, talked to the usual suspects (Daniel, Cas, Karl, Pat (lecturer) ). Then went to the class the essay was due in. It was about Afghanistan and the Soviets, but I must have slept through 2/3 of it. From there, raced to the library to really do the citations. Did them.

Turned paper in to my tutor at the tutorial (discussion section) at 3. Had a nice talk with him, he's really improved my opinion of him since we first met, where I think I complained about him here a lot. Went to city library and checked out Mote in God's Eye, Master & Commander and a Douglas Reeman book. Went home, did some reading, fell asleep far too late.

I'll writeup today later.

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