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Discussions really ought to be different

So what have I left out.

Thursday night I went to the Butler/IFSA (i.e., the other exchange program) Geology Majors "Gin and Tectonics" party. Yeah, silly name. What can I say? They had a drinking game that involved in one part naming minerals, and it turned out they all had favorites...

Back to nearer the present:
Had my first Tutorial (read discussion section) yesterday, and the other two today. The Islam and Terror one was ok, there's about 12 in it, with three Americans, and the tutor seems to be an idiot in some of his positions. I fear I'll dominate that room.

International Relations and Greek Warfare were far more like lectures with slides, whiteboard work etc and occasional questions to the students. Very dissatisfying, and not many people spoke in either. Of course, Greek Warfare had nearly 30 people in it, but still. I prefer American Uni style.

Enough of class stuff! Geoff, Alex, Damon and I won the Clever Buggers Quiz Night at the Bowler last night, so our weekly drinking session will be cheaper for a while. $56 in $4 coupons. Geoff predicts that'll get us near 10 jugs if we make him buy with his Bowler Card (insane loyalty) before 10pm. Not bad, I say.

I told marnan I needed the music to "Scotland's Depraved", but I found it on the iTunes Music Store as the first search result for "Scotland". Hmm... Filking will occur shortly.
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