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I pay good money to risk my life, etc

This (past) weekend was the time of my Queenstown Adventure Weekend.
Queenstown bills itself as the Adventure Capitol of the World, and I'm pretty sure they're right.

We took the Pig Road from Dunedin to Queenstown, and I recall when I was last here my mother got sick on it. I came very close to following here there, it was quite fast and winding. At arrival, we were assigned rooms in the Pinewood Lodge (my assignment was changed 3 times in 2 minutes) and then went to the cable car, where we were lifted high above the country to the luge track, which is like a little sled thing on wheels you ride down a racetrack. Very cool. Awesome, in fact. I raced Tara all three times, and through the natural masculine recklessness that was observed by all present (we sped up when the sign said slow down, the girls obeyed it) I won all three times. Adam had a spectacular crash, too. :)

After that those of us being damn fools signed up and paid for our Bungy Jumping on Sunday, and then we all had dinner at Winnie Bagos. Has an opening roof and cool pizzas.

Saturday we spent all day at Mt. Aspiring National Park, where we did half the Routeburn trek, then turned around and went back. Absolutely beautiful place, must post some pictures. I went with the "keen" group that summitted Conical Hill. Maybe 25km. Apparently I should have stretched a lot or something, because I got major pains in my upper thighs. Managed to keep up and do it all, but I was staggering/limping my way from the van to bed on getting back, and didn't move. More of the same all Sunday. Feeling better today, but still not great. If this is what old age is like, I'm not going.

Sunday we got up and went Jetboating with Shotover Jet. Screaming through canyons at 70-80km/hr maybe a meter from the walls. Just crazy, total fun. Picture information below.

Then we went out to the Kawarau Bridge for my Bungy Jump. There were a total of 7 of us, and it was just plain crazy. I don't know how to describe it, so I'll talk about the harness and we'll see.

They put a standard climbing harness on you, but that's just to keep you from falling off the platform and in case the leg tie fails. The leg tie is a towel wrapped around your legs and then chinched tight with nylon straps. Wrap, wrap, wrap, pull through and tie. I didn't actually have any fear of that not working.

They asked if I wanted water, I said yes. "Big splash, little splash?" I said little. My mistake, I should have gone all the way. Got the cord clipped on me and I inched out to the platform. Looked down, decided I needed to think. Waved to the camera as instructed. The fellow guiding me was reassuring, gave me a countdown, but I ignored. Thought again, decided I might as well jump, because I knew I wasn't backing out. Went down feet first, which wasn't very graceful, and got the tops of my arms dunked it the river. Enjoyed the bounce, actually. The hard part was decided to jump, everything else was way cool.

Went back to Dunedin from there, got a decent milkshake (finally!) on the way. The ice cream was $2 for a triple scoop, I should have gone for that, but was feeling queasie again. After sitting in flat for a little while, limped to library to check some email.

<3 you all.


To get picture:
Go to: for Jetboating and put in
That's me in the back corner.

For Bungy Jumping, go to and put in

Sorry I don't have webspace at the moment. More pictures, like the ones I took, coming someday soon I hope.

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