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School isn't as fun as I remembered...

Well, this concludes the second day of classes for me, which means I've been to all but one of them once and will be starting on the Tuesday-Thursday classes for the second time tomorrow.

What do I have to do so far? Catch up on all the reading I've missed, which is rather complicated by the fact I'm missing the syllabus and course packet for my morning class, and I lack the main reading materials for the afternoon class. Then there's that need to finish Eminent Victorians (referred to a few posts ago) quickly so I can dash off an impeccable review in the Style of the New York Times Review of (each other's) Books. Such are my instructions. The words in parentheses are contributed by the game Survival of the Witless, which I still haven't managed to play. Far too busy at TorCon...

Anyway, I've got to sleep now so I can write a check tomorrow morning before class (at the ungodly hour of 11AM) and then in the evening after picking up things I need at home getting that darn book and report done. Grr.


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