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Classes have started!

Sorry about not updating yesterday, I didn't get online.
Considered calling fairestcat to ask about Oscar results, but trusted we'd know about the important ones, and so we did. Having classes today, we failed to get trashed, however. Dan and I have no classes tomorrow, so maybe we can compensate. :)

Various things to catch up on:
I'm reading a lot more now than I have in a long time. Got through Tragic Choices, review forthcoming after I revise it. Also polished off Empire by Niall Ferguson, which ought to have a review forthcoming as well. Interesting book, but I know I have a skewed perspective as such a heavy reader of British history. Got a local library card, so I snagged The Fifth Elephant by Pratchett and read that in one night. Currently mostly through Sharpe's Sword. After I finish this I'll finish the half-completed Churchill (Not the excellent and previously read Roy Jenkins bio, but an assembly of papers based on a UT conference my professor edited.)

I'm becoming a library rat, because the books are there, the internet is there, and I'd pay NZ$21.95 for a NZ paperback. So very few book buys occuring here, I can promise you that.

Ate pub food on Sunday dinner, which was nice, but came to $19.90 for the beef roast, single pint of Speight's and piece of mudcake. So not going to happen often, either. We've watched two movies recently, Amelie and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, both of which were interesting, and I hadn't seen before. R&G is just insane, I pity a person who hasn't actually seen or read Hamlet and then trys to make sense of it. Actually, I have enough trouble with it having done both.
Amelie reminded me that unless you've got a very friendly scriptwriter/old guy to push you on, don't play too many games.

Classes so far have been ok, but just sitting and listening for 50 minute stretches is becoming a chore. "Ancient Greek Warfare & Society" shouldn't be too bad, although 16 hours a week on the class expected output seems like I'll be looking for things to do a lot. "Islam and the Challenge of Terrorism" is quite interesting, the prof is an Afghan emigrant to NZ, who used to be a Mujahadeen and served in the pre-Taliban government. In the two days so far we've just heard about the basics of Islam, but I'm sure we'll move on, and it really is quite interesting. Last class doesn't start till Thursday.

Just found out there are no Zorbing sites in the US. Anybody want to start a franchise?
Where does have it

For Doug and Claudia Muir

Hope everybody else is doing fine.

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