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I just got my shipment from Amazon! Princess (with a Pirate), Pirates (without a real Princess) and a Shield-maiden (with a sort of a Prince, but sadly no pirates until the next film, and then they're bad.

So that's good.

We had a neighborhood going away party for the two of us going to NZ, that is me and Bill. Bill grew up with me, attends Swarthmore for Engineering, and will be at the University of Auckland for about the same time I will be Down Under. He leaves Wednesday. For the record, I'll be at theUniversity of Otago, and I leave Sunday.

So lots of people from around (the Forees, with their two cool kids, Mother is my new Bujold convert), the Neunabers who work for UT and my old Daycare[1], my mom's two best local friends and their families. It was cool, and we had both bread & cheese and chocolate and fruit fondues, plus zucchini kugel and rice & beans. Nice time, got to pester my sister and her best friend about their going to college.

I also got 7.5 hours of work in today, honest. Plus learned that Epee has some fun parts, but really isn't my weapon.

So that's the good stuff. For the less fun stuff, my room cleanup precedes at a snail's pace, which is leading to conflict with my maternal connection. Also, I haven't packed at all, or even bought any of the several things I know I want to get before I leave (clothes, mostly, and prezzies for my native student and my Kiwi relatives.)

I also haven't turned my course transfers worksheet in yet, so I don't know what the courses I want to take will transfer back home as, at all.

It's really annoying to see a really nice, attractive, all around good young woman moan about her impending Single's Awareness Day (link not related to her at all). And that she's really doubting that anyone would ever want her, etc. Ok, ok, normal not feeling good stuff. At the same time she's deflecting my suggestions that I disagree with her assessment, want to see more of her, and in general want to do whatever to adjust her perspective/situation. This combination is somewhat aggravating.

My week ahead is looking busy. Besides the regularly scheduled work and class, I have a Voltaire's Cinema on Tuesday night (The Hours), going to the UT vs A&M women's basketball game on Wednesday night with the Forees, going out Thursday night to Midnight Rodeo again (this looks to be an organized field trip, so there should be lots of students and TAs out that night, which is a good thing. Too bad "leaving so soon" makes me tempted to go a bit overboard.) Friday I have no idea what I'm doing after British Studies. Saturday I'm similarly clueless, although I've been invited to my own sort of SAD party by a friend who's getting a couple single fellows together and plans on movies, discussion, etc. I dunno.

[1] See that playground in the main picture? That was my Eagle Project :-)!!!

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