Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

I get lots of spam

Luckily, it's mostly flagged because it comes through a joint email moderators have and we're running SpamAssassin. However, in an attempt to be clever, spammers are putting a couple of dictionary words in the subject line, sometimes with a random collection of letters at the end. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be working on me.
I get evaluations like:
(taken out because it breaks LJ)
Which is kind of cool.

The funny thing is how some of these subject lines come out. So I've saved up my last two or three days worth, and I'll post the better ones, while omitting the Viagra and other less entertaining ones
Cut for worksafeness and length:
rally collect avocate schoolgirlish
daybreak death[1]
sumbissivve girll to guy matching service3 Subject: Name A Star For Someone Special
Aplha men (alst long in the sack plil)
Educational Credentials bedroom
Educational Credentials doorkeep
Neue Musik-Community gestartet!
Indulge Your Coffee Passion
Are you under stress about the pressure?
Educational Credentials adjudicate
paperwork throat
godhead portuguese
dnieper bluster

[1] End of message is this list of words:
ophthalmic fabulous guess bungalow angora routine delaware fiddle deadhead anus acronym connive gangland humus rakish cheerlead bole
aqua brice fjord hat consensus pakistan greta coltish colon cat alginate combustible blonde arroyo condolence brandon diathesis envelope chunky dove glasswort daniel setback
earphone iconoclasm edgewise muzzle grudge lebesgue coefficient demagnify dalzell breadroot flatulent frigid bridgewater benight liquefaction eosine bespeak behind margin electret
aboveboard grimace peach dawn connie estimable platitude discretion girdle conquistador emanuel impediment bankruptcy mutt ellipsoidal pap evasion aphrodite roughshod exeter homophobia coverlet false foreign pang breed ideologue injustice ebb pith heal heard feudal conjoin famish curvaceous serene fasciculate ceremonious
athwart daedalus schelling floor bluff choose denton corrigenda graze mutagen capsize coalition behavioral deuterium arbiter against hoffman certiorari polytypy expand ambulatory inexhaustible formulate morrissey echelon elaborate encumbrance inexperience aloft class hydrochemistry hallelujah
cranston ncaa mullion filth clonic faro butte daffy barbecue malt backbone english forbearance meander acreage bock concave
gee ethology guerrilla astronaut gray barrington adsorbate aile menlo flogging detroit lectern inauspicious persistent provincial flannel batten mammal dorcas godlike indispose glove crock eukaryote diffeomorphism adequacy
aisle desperado cornflower gazelle dearie beltsville braggart daytona polis expensive quaff peer quad eastwood pragmatic flaky shed frisky danubian descriptive dynast cardiac gobbledygook bond cellar cowman refrain carne frictional bijective bawd missive adjacent danger
flo connie condone discomfit bawd juxtaposition asthma fletcher angora concerti centrifuge animadvert erasmus desultory downpour afford befall astrophysical prolong locomotory mouton egypt bronchus excommunicate helsinki enthusiasm drop salubrious denature job disjunct huzzah referring formant melody demur
bulletin donahue fortify d'oeuvre frontal inexcusable h's scotsman christendom check itch finale flip degree limerick ecology malefactor bible horrify let

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