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Book reports

I've taken to remedying my reading backfall, so here's what's happened:

The White Company, by Arthur Conan Doyle - Highly recommended. Excellent book, and with strong women who don't suck, although they're offstage far too much. Excellent read, can't wait to start Sir Nigel.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Bit of a disappointment. tSP himself is pretty fun, but you never get to see him DO much astoundingly clever (at least in comparison to the book as a whole), and the main viewpoint character is quite disappointing. I know I should be understanding of other periods and points of view, but this was just weak, to me.
Worth reading once, I'd say.

Now on Ivanhoe. It's ok, not up to tWC, but alright. No major surprises, I've seen most things coming. Ought to go looking for Rowena/Rebecca stories...
Came across this line and had to post it:

"Well and yeomanly done!" shouted the robbers; "fair play and Old England forever!"

Does that sound like the cutthroats anyone else is familiar with?
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