Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Everybody's gotta see a movie

I'm not going to talk about my day. Just not.
On the good side, Tuesday night I saw our first Voltaire's Cinema. Descriptive blurb below:
1.  Plan II Voltaire's Cinema on 1/27: Caro Diario with Dr. Douglas Biow

...IN A WORLD where students like to procrastinate about studying as much as possible, P2SA is pleased to help them out.

Tonight, come down and ring in the new year with Plan II's brand-spanking new discussion series, the Voltaire's Cinema.  Dr. Douglas Biow, Professor of Italian and Assistant Director of Plan II, is presenting Caro Diario, an amusing, eccentric journey through Italy with filmmaker Nanni Moretti, who's considered Italy's answer to Woody Allen.  The film is divided into three separate vignettes: first, Moretti leads viewers on a personal tour of Rome, stopping by a few cinemas to catch a few films (postmodernists unite!); second, he and a companion search for a remote locale in which to work, only to come across an island of tyrannical children and become engrossed in soap operas; and third, Moretti undergoes treatment for a mysterious illness, which every doctor seems to think is a different disease.  The film offers fresh ideas about the media, travel, and health.  Moretti received the Best Director prize at the 1994 Cannes festival for Diario.

Come join us for a fun evening of film, friends, and food.  Screening begins at 7:00 p.m. SHARP in the Asian Culture Room of the Union.  Discussion will follow.  Drinks, popcorn, and other movie snacks will be provided.  Sign up in the Plan II Office.  Questions, contact Daniel Kievlan.

My review: Awesome. Amazingly funny, and while I'm not all that much into deepness, the whole thing just comes together and just works. Everybody MUST see it, especially fairestcat and marnan. The parents might get a kick (or a painful kick) out of that island mentioned.

Next week is Battle of Algiers. That'll be interesting.

Application reading session tomorrow night. We'll see how that goes. No IMing till Friday, I swear.

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