Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

ncurses! Foil-less again

Ok, I'm sorry. I just thought of that line on my lunch break while mentally composing this post. If you get it, you're scary. Like me.

I'm also sorry about not posting more recently. Partly computer's fault, partly mine.

This morning started out well, with me getting nearly a full 6 hours of sleep (well, marnan can tell you when it was I signed off, I'm forgetting the time myself. But I got up at 6:30, which was good. Shows I can do it.

Got in to work and was less productive than usual due to constant checking of my email. When you get as much email as I do, handling it requires a good mail client with good rules and sorting. Regrettably, my laptop has been refusing to charge for over 2 days (ase saw the last of it, while we talked of D*v*d W*bb*r and his pet M*ry S**. So this took both my regular mail client and regular LJ client offline, and I hate the replacements I found for PC. So now I'm doing all this stuff web based, which sucks. Glad I have the option, but it sucks.

Took my first Monday Wednesday style lunch today. Went to fencing (3rd floor) to inquire about getting a locker so I can actually participate, then clean up and go back to work. Was told to go to the 9th floor. On the 9th floor I was told to go to the 5th floor. On the 5th floor I found a sign saying "lockers will be distributed from 11-12 and 1-3:30. It being 12:30, I decided to go have some lunch and return. Hit the bank and deposited a pair of checks, had a nice lunch at Hoa Hoa's (Viet-Chinese place. Quite nice. $6.08 is more than I'd prefer to pay for lunch.) Came back ~1:15 and saw that the sign on the 5th floor was replaced with "No lockers distributed today. Regular hours Thursday". So I'll leave work early Thursday and see if they're being honest this time.

So, no fencing, thus the foil-less. Need to pick a time to attend fencing club, although living off campus makes it extra difficult. Tuesdays are often committed, so it's either Wednesday and/or Thursday. We will see. At work, I'm the only part timer really coming in, and things are starting to pile up. Big change from before.

Going to see the Lady Horn's crush Oklahoma State tonight. The University family (ie, me and parents) is hanging around here till it happens. I'll be on after that, I hope. Probably 9 or 10pm, Central.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot my cell phone at home. Really doesn't mean much, except it complicated the daily "how are we all getting home" conversation usually carried on via it. After I thought everything was settled, I was surprised on my way to the library by my dad running me down to deliver the news dinner was 6:15 at Schlotzky's.

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