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I need to get this up

I suppose my late night LJ posts just become the first things you see in the mornings, but I'm always afraid they'll be buried under a ton of other people's posts. However, early Saturday doesn't seem like most likely time for people to be posting, so maybe I'm safe.

The second stage of my room rearrangement has been completed, namely cutting the old set of shelves (seen here) in half, more or less, and building new ones into the wall. No clever carpentry tricks to suggest this time, except to say that adding these kinds of shelves is incredibly easy. Unless I lived in a concrete or stone house, that is.

So now I have New Shelves, including an extension to the previous lower shelf.

All this was done with the wood taken from the halved bookshelf and 10' of 1x8 white pine, plus the metal rails and hangers. The only big picture up from this set is here, of the low shot.

Now on to some weird links I saw today:

FIFA President suggests women's soccer needs to dress sexier.

Now, I know everybody was shocked when Brandi Chastain showed she did play in a sports bra at the 2002 World Cup. I mean, I'm sure 2/3 of the people expected her to be completely unrestrained, and the other 1/3 agree with the FIFA President now and expected Victoria's Secret. Progress...

To those of you who are familiar with IRC and its ilk, and the SCO Saga

As the NYT put it:
Women Having Sex, Hoping Men Tune In

And that's all from the 3:28am report!

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