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Ok, still terrible about posting

I have a ton of stuff I keep meaning to post about, but I never get around to writing it up.

First off: Listening to music at work is a good thing. Listening to audiobooks is pretty good too, because they tend to be longer than songs and you can still concentrate. However, my Lord of the Rings set has turned out to be pretty dull when I was winding it down. Perhaps I'll go back to The Two Towers soon. As it is, I'm running out of stuff to listen to. I only own a couple dozen CDs (like 5-8 dozen, I mean) so after working here since September you can imagine out worn out some of the stuff is. Not to mention how many times I've heard it before. Internet Radio has some nice parts, but its too hard finding good sources. Hmm, maybe some CBC. But anyway.

So there's this massive collection of music online, if you know where to look. On it, I found some excellent songs, and, well, audiobook. Or radio play, actually. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Since it was (relatively) small and so a (relatively) fast download, and long (~30 per episode) I grabbed 1-4 around 4:15, hoping to end the day with it.

This might not work out. I just about choked as Arthur Dent described finding the plans to demolish his house on display in a locked cabinet in a dark basement lacking stairs in a lavatory with a sign saying "Beware the Leopard". (thanks, pewtergryphon)
After pausing WinAMP and taking a breather, I decided to try again. Did quite well actually, just smiled a lot, and learned a lot of pronunciations. But I fear for what will happen if I try to listen to the rest. Well, you'll probably find out in my LJ tomorrow.

Room Remodeling

I don't suppose many of you have seen my room. In point of fact, I suspect all of you haven't, unless I accidentally displayed it to marnan, tygerr and castiron when they've been about. But in general, it's stayed well out of view, which is a very good thing, for your opinion of me.

Moving home from the dorm inflicted a certain amount of trauma on the otherwise perfectly normal and happy room that I had going. Specifically, what had basically filled two rooms now was placed in one. That had the effect of crowding out any walking space, although catlike jumping remained possible. This has since been dealt with, via moving a few items into storage in the garage, and shelving the laundry where it belongs (more on this in a moment).

So, my parents decided that the room needed more neatness, and that one good way of procuring neatness was by building shelves. However, this is severely hampered by the fact that most walls already are shelves. So, the old and unlamented computer desk was sacrificed. I've loathed it since just after it was acquired, and haven't used a computer at in in many years. It was reduced to storing technical books, boxes of crap, and hidden love notes. So that (sans above contents, all carefully preserved) has been dragged to the garage and will after the coming rainy weather passes be taken to the curb and marked "please take".

This opens up a very nice area to be expanded into. The current plans are either to build a second desk there, to complement the one I already have, and put shelves behind it (at least leaving room for them), or to move the current center bookcase under the window down to occupy the space vacated, and expand the current desk to where the bookcase was, making a 270degree wraparound style. I'm not sure which I prefer or which will occur.

To facilitate this, we added some more bookshelves (naturally) over the door and closet. They fit all hardback except really oversized, software boxes, and really take a load off my space constraints. In fact, I'll probably only need box shelves now, not book, at least till I get back from New Zealand. I also learned a neat woodworking technique to join to pieces of wood flush.

Say you're putting two boards at a 90 degree angle. Take the first one, hammer three nails about halfway, into the edge that faces where the next board will be joined. Now take a pair of heavy duty wire cutters and clip off the heads of the nails at an angle. Voila! Double headed nails, ready for the second board to be hammered into them. This was all done on Sunday

Having said all that, I will now post pictures of my room. If you want the full size, 200-400KB image, delete the _small from the url and make it .JPG (capitals). It's a rather slow server, so don't wish I'd just inlined everything.

My bed. Note the marching band pictures on the wall. The rest of my poster collection is missing. Waterbeds, especially when heated, are heaven.

My East Wall, directly opposite the bed The short bookshelf that will be moved to provide desk space and has all my old books (civil war, etc. Used to be my hobby)

The North Wall. My nicest & paperback shelves, also shows off my desk, currently covered with papers.

This would be the South Wall, with the other really nice shelves, most of my hardback, textbooks, DVD & CD cases (the CDs live in binders).

The new shelves over the door and closet as seen from below, like a normal person would look at them.

Same shelves, seen from equal height.

A focus on my desk, showing the 2 filing cabinets and mound of papers. I swear it's often better (and was much worse)

My closet with the shelved clothing system, which saves much aggravation in drawers and dressers, but also clearly displays I have too many t-shirts. It also is very constrained, in that it uses a LIFO algorithm. Last In, First Out. It is possible to go many months without ever hitting the bottom of a stack, if one keeps up with the laundry. A solution is needed. Sideways?

My upper shelves of games and other stuff, but I really wanted to show off the games. Cool stuff in storage, no? I really need to play more.

Well, that's all for now, it's 2:21 AM and I need to get my contacts out and into bed. Work is picking up, I could really use some extra hours like coming in a 10. Underemployment is no fun. :-(

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