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I thought this only happened in stories

A girl at my university, in my Honors program, has a huge crush on her TA.
As you can see from the link, she's made a webpage about this. Put up some poems she's written. In general, this is just kind weird.

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, until I just wrote this I forgot my friend S. had a crush on our Greek professor this summer. That was amusing. Don't think anyone ever told him, so I have no idea if he ever knew about this.

I ought to express some disappointment that none of my students has made a webpage about me yet, I suppose. I've checked the first 75 pages of Google results, so I'm pretty sure there isn't one. Not that this is some sort of tremendous crush, but I'd like to think I was Anders Floor's equal. Perhaps if I meet the fellow I'll realize I have to concede defeat.

On the plus side, I was the most often praised TA in the student comments in dance class this semester. Jennifer got about the same (didn't count, maybe she edged ahead of me) but I was way ahead of everybody else, and that's major egoboo. This is a big change from the last semesters. Not that I've gotten bad reviews, but some of the other TAs were much more praised back then, and I wasn't as much. Now I've far surpassed them.
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