Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

And finally, Sunday

Finally, here's what I did Sunday.

Following the late night of Saturday, I woke up finally at 1pm Sunday, whereupon I got online again and chatted and played some more Civ III. Still haven't gotten used to the judicious application of force in there, I usually end up finding that I waited too long, the time has past and I'm screwed. Anyway, did that from 1-6:45, when I ran off to the Plan II Students Association Meeting (my first in weeks!) and we talked about how bad the money situation was. My bad, couldn't get a rein on spending. Anyway, that went weirdly, decently, and indecently, depending on which conversation you listened to, and ended a bit before 8. Huddled back to my room (it's cold and windy) and finished the night talking to these same people, writing some academic emails, and finally this journal. Hope you've enjoyed it, further annotations and links to come in edits, I'll post a notice when it's finalized.

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