Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Well, continued

Sorry, didn't want one post to go on too long, so marnan could read the first half before collapsing in sleep.

Thursday was a perfectly ordinary day, for one that I got no sleep and spent all night working on my book review. Nothing special in class, so it was indeed merely filling my evening with finishing Passage to India, correcting classmates papers, and getting no sleep.

Friday was even simpler. After stopping by the Plan II Office to check on a receipt that turned out not to have been turned in and correcting some more papers, I went to the student bank, checked out balance and saw our coming difficulties. Went to British Studies, heard an EXCELLENT lecture on Tobias Smollet, and then went to watch the movie version of A Passage to India. Which went on for 2:43, which really was too much for us. Got out a 7PM, went back to my room, poked around a bit online and collapsed in bed at 8pm.

Saturday was much less of a day than it might have been, but that's ok. I fiddled around online and had some important talks with friends. At 6 I went to a Dance Marathon (dance till you drop, you know) which was supposed to raise money to send Kinesology students to the TAPHERD convention (links to follow later). Unfortunately, only two couples including me entered, both of TAs from the dance classes. After a late start ~630 hoping more would show up, we proceeded to dance fairly continiously with 2 10 minute breaks till 11:00pm, when the organizers realized we could dance longer than they could stay awake. So we flipped a coin to see who won, and I called heads when it landed tails. Such is life, still got a $10 gift certificate out of it. And had a lot of dancing fun with no smoking about and mostly music I like for the same price as a night at Midnight Rodeo

I was supposed to see Master & Commander on Sunday with a friend, but got backed out Sat night. I then got out my Civilization III CD and decided to see how the game compared to my memories. Combined with chatting with friends, that kept me up till 4AM. Addictive game.

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