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Ok, here it is, from last post on

What a habit, I get behind, and then race terribly to catch my LJ up, and so y'all get a few huge posts (carefully cut) rather than the constant stream of me one gets from, say , norabombay.

That said, here's what happened this past week.

Well, Tuesday was a perfectly ordinary Tuesday. Well, mostly. I went to Government, and got nothing out of it. I read A Passage to India, or at least part of it, in class. Then went to work, had a very good time listening to the CDs I got at RenFaire. Namely, I bought two from the Brobdingnagian Bards, (ok, I was flirted into buying them. Was an easy task though, given I've been looking to buy some for the past 3 years. Anyway, ask tygerr). I got A Faire to Remember and Memories of Middle Earth. Both have excellent songs on them, I'll recommend later.

After that, took my last reading quiz in Tolkien. Then on to dance.
Gave a Foxtrot test, all the students I watched did really well. They must not have been representative, because I know the whole class isn't at that level. But it was still cool.

Then, after getting back to my room, I called my sister to check on going to the Madrigal Dinner. FOOL AM I!!!! Wednesday was the night she couldn't go, and here I was with the tickets. Set off panic, called a dozen ladies I know to try and find someone interested in going. Only left one voicemail, as I was afraid someone would call back after I'd already given them away. No luck at all, even after I called DH, who was still in Germany :-(. (My bad.) So went to bed discouraged.

Well, I get awoken at 8:30 Wednesday morning by the phone ringing. It's my friend Melisa G, who was the one I'd left a voicemail for. "I'd love to go..." Made arrangements to meet, was on pins and needles all day hoping that this would work out. Got chewed out by American History prof after class for reading A Passage to India during lecture. I deserved it. Anyway, despite a scheduling mistake on my part (said to come at 5:45, should have said 6:15 earliest) she was slightly late and so it wasn't too long a wait. The chorus sang some Christmas carols, which we both enjoyed greatly, and she expressed concern at the dangers of the mistletoe wielding maidens. We managed to escape their attentions, however.

Dinner was EXCELLENT. Menu to follow, I'm rushed for time. However, it was superb food. Wonderful.

Singing was very bawdy, as hoped for. Melisa was doing that "Cover face with hand in embarrassment thing.", but after they left she seemed exhilarated and admitted she wanted them to sing Carol of the Bells OR the Moose Song again. The Moose Song!

Play was decent, on an Italian theme, lots of puns, including character names that came out to "Olivia!" "Newton!" "John!"

All in all a great success, and I'm really glad I pulled this off.


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